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Lake Mary Community


Lake Mary

Lake Mary was ranked #1 in Florida and #4 in the U.S. as the best place to live. The City of Lake Mary takes pride in its strong sense of community and its commitment to high standards of quality living. That's part of the reason Lake Mary is one of the fastest growing areas in Central Florida!

We are located near Interstate 4, along the fast growing high-tech business center near Heathrow. The City offers well planned residential communities, excellent schools, prominent businesses, and a variety of shopping. It's a friendly place to live and work and few places are more attractive.

The crime rate is one of the lowest in Florida thanks to our proactive, community based police department. Our parks and recreation facilities are beautifully maintained. Lake Mary has all the conveniences of Orlando without the traffic!

In October of 2012, there were 64 residential homes sold in Lake Mary at an average price of $156250, with the highest priced home selling for $1262500 and the lowest priced selling for $30000.

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